Phoenix Wrong - Waste for All

2007-10-23 06:12:11 by Shattering-Zaishi

If you guys haven't seen my original Phoenix Wrong movie, Phoenix Wright - Waste attorney, then see it here.

At the moment, I'm away from my house until next Monday, but then I'll continue working on the sequel. Its set to be a lot longer than Waste Attorney, and it will be called Phoenix Wrong - Waste for All.

Possibly Phoenix Wright - Waste and Tribulations will follow that, but it all depends on the amount of positivity given to me about the project, also, theres set to be a new PW film with original acting.

Anyhoo, head on over to the site at, sign up to the forums, and become part of the community.

Thanks guys!


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2007-10-23 08:14:49

never really liked Phenix Wrong flashes to be honest, using sprites and sound clips from movies

graphics = not yours
content = not yours

so as far as talent needed in order to create one not mutch is needed, but i had a look any how

2 made me laugh for fucking ages, "i do believe i have a metal pole up my ass"
and the "Buddly lumpkins is a child molestorer ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!" oh and the cup of coffee one was halarious!

next time tho if i was you i would draw the characters themselves, and make it like a show on random shorts